Few people will try to make the claim that parenting isn’t that complicated but, like everything else out there, you can cultivate certain skills that will help you become more effective at the task. It is really easy to think that you’re making solid parenting decisions when everything is going really well. If you’re running into difficulties, however, you may need to work on some of your parenting skills.

We all already know how important it is to praise children but be conscious of how you go about this. Some parents don’t praise their kids enough, but many others do so in a way that’s not helpful. To use one example, the best thing is to praise kids for something they’ve worked hard at more so than something they do not have any control over. If a child is naturally athletic, intelligent or attractive, lavishing praise upon them for these natural tendencies might be counter-intuitive because it could cause vanity or even arrogance. On the other hand, offering praise to a child for working hard studying for a test or on the sports field or in their school play is helping them continue to do their best. All parents worry about keeping their kids safe but there’s no way to be able to watch their children every single second. That’s why it’s essential to give them some basic information so they know what to do and how to reach you, or another adult who can protect them if it ever becomes necessary. As soon as your kids are old enough to understand this information make sure that he or she knows his full name, full phone number and full address. They should also be fully able to contact you whether you are at home or at work. You might want to give your son or daughter an emergencies only cell phone so that they can call you or 911 if they get into an emergency. Cell phone providers have plans just for these necessities. If your child is at a location where someone like a friend or relative is closer than you, make sure more.. he or she knows how to reach this person.

Lots of kids today are in the habit of spending each and every spare moment in front of their television sets, computer screens or on their phones. This is why it is important to be able to teach your kids how to value free play. In addition to any organized things you’ve enrolled them in, don’t forget how important it is to play at the park, on the playground or with friends. Studies have proven check it out that kids who don’t get enough play time are more likely to develop behavioral issues like depression, ADD and aggression. Doing outdoorsy things as a family on the weekend like hiking, swimming, walking in the woods, etc are great ways to encourage the free play.

Some parts of parenting are going to be no-brainers for us but there are always going to be some skills that you will need to work on from time to time. Don’t try to be perfect but don’t shut out any learning experiences either. It is important to remember that it is possible to change; you do not have to follow your parents examples or keep repeating bad behaviors. Parents, along with other things, never stop learning.