One of the crazy things about parenting is you can sometimes feel like you’re playing some kind of game of psychology with your kids. Kids are learning from the day they are born to the day they are no longer on this earth. You will find that it is perfectly normal for a child to play some funny little head games with you from time to time. They mainly are just looking to get their way. You should make them realize that this will not be the way to accomplish anything in real life and it will actually have a negative impact.

The best way for children to learn is by having consequences for their actions. Everything in life can be used as a way to learn, and that is what consequences are all about. Consequences can be of two types, those that you enforce or those where the results happen naturally. Children think they get away with things sometimes, but in reality, the parents were just letting it happen. Since the parents already knew what would happen, children learn about consequences. When the children suffered the natural consequences of their actions, the parents only sat by and watched. Dangerous situations are a possibility with doing this, so you need to be careful as a parent. Once it is finished, you need to talk to your children about the important points, and that it is a learning experience. It is a pretty big deal when your child spends their first time away from their family members. This event may be a night with another family member. However, you should not take this lightly because your child certainly isn’t. A young child can be excited about a sleep over and still feel anxious about what is happening. Be sure to be attentive at this time; they may not be as secure about it as they may seem. If the parting is for a reason other that fun; you need to take special care to encourage them. Be sure to give your child a good explanation of the reasons behind the state of affairs.

There needs to be a connection between bad behavior and the removal of privileges, and it needs to be planted into the minds of your children. Children will learn very quickly that being able to do something they really enjoy doing is a privilege and not a right. It is easy to see they value certain things more than others and you can gain leverage with that.

You should be swift in your decisions, but maybe let them know they have one chance and no more. Once their chance has been blown, tell them what they have done, and remove the special privilege quickly. Your children need to know you mean what you say, so if you don’t stick to your decisions, there is no reason to even make any rules. We try to get important thoughts on being responsible and such across to our kids but constantly have to remind them. You have easily repeated something dozens of times and it seems that nothing is sinking in. At this point you would be well advised to be more creative and try to educate your kids on the importance of listening and paying attention.