It is important to know about stress tests, which are given to millions of Americans every year in the US. If you have a family physician, you should ask them about this when you see them. Usually, the type of test you get is reflective of the ailment or condition that they believe that you have. These tests help your physician make a great choice for the diagnosis to help you with the condition you are being tested for.

Any time your doctor suspects possible heart-related trouble, he or she will want to confirm it. It really depends on the situation and the method that they choose to treat you with. People that have heart attacks typically are treated with a catheter that can view what is happening inside the arteries themselves. Performing exercises in what is called a cardiac stress test is often used by doctors. Some people get angina which is not a serious symptom at all. Doctors simply want to get some images of the veins and arteries as well as the heart. The stress test is a great way to proceed and get confirmation, specifically to see if the heart is okay.

When sound waves are used to make an image of your heart, it’s called an echocardiogram. Did you know that? To measure heart activity, people are often asked to run on a treadmill to get the needed results. People used to get EKGs, which imaged the heart using electrodes which were placed near the heart.

Essentially, an EKG is a representation of your heart provided by electrical activity that is transformed by a recording device. The diagnosis can be provided using a combination of the echocardiogram and the EKG. The treadmill exercise actually serves to send out sound waves to provide images of the heart based upon the patient’s heart rate. It takes a very trained doctor to interpret this information because the images are in video format.

If your doctor advises you to get a cardiovascular stress test, you need to confer with him or her regarding the different variations of tests. An image or an EKG being produced is one of the clear distinctions. But you don’t want to settle for those obvious differences. You need to understand why one option is preferable to another and the only person really in the position to explain this to you is the cardiologist. Usually, you’ll find it’s the specialist or cardiologist who decides on the test. A treadmill stress test is cheaper than a nuclear test. It takes about seven days for the radioisotopes in your system to break down. So if you’re not comfortable with having radioactivity injected into your body, then see about the treadmill/EKG test.

Staying healthy is everything! If you can take care of yourself adequately, you will never need a stress test to monitor your condition. You want to avoid things like angina, a condition that can develop when severe stress manifests. This might happen, but it may not be a serious problem at all. External factors can produce symptoms that seem debilitating, but it’s just your body reacting to stress.