Feel better after getting sick by doing some of the following things. Life is a lot easier, when you prevent sickness to begin with. Your body gets compromised by germs, making you sick, but there are many preventative measures to keep it from taking place. Since the common cold, along with the flu, have no cure, that makes it really important, especially during the season for colds, to take whatever action necessary for prevention. To keep the common cold, and also the flu from getting the best of you, they can be prevented by doing some easy things.

Consume the best foods. Eating right is such a necessity it needs to be repeated over and over. Eating right helps prevent sickness, so cold and flu season would be a good time to eat extra good, and maybe you won’t get the flu. Your body needs lots of help in fighting illness, especially at this time, and to stay healthy, there are vitamins and nutrients that are definitely needed. The best way to go, is to change your foods from those that are full of chemicals to those that are natural foods which are healthier. At least following the food charts, eating what is nutritional for someone of your weight and height, and in the same age group.

Going to the doctor should be a regular occurrence. If you don’t go, you won’t know how your health is doing. Try keeping it more often. It’s a good idea to get at least one checkup a year from your family doctor. Some people feel better going twice a year, the way they do with the dentist.

Getting regular checkups from your doctor will help you take care of any problems as they come up. The flu and colds will never get the best of you, as long as you have been keeping your immune system functioning properly.

Fresh air is very good for the body. Colds and flu are present everywhere during colder weather, and believe it or not, the fact that people stay inside their houses is one of the reasons why. The entrances into and out of our houses are shut tight and all of the windows are closed. With the houses closed up, once the flu or cold germs get inside, they have no way to get out, and end up being circulated over and over. Germs can be floating around any house, causing sickness, and by circulating fresh air, the germs can become diluted. You will feel a lot better by having fresh air coming into your home. You might be able to do things to help with the flu or a cold, but there is no cure. Since there is no cure for the flu or a cold, the best you can do when to have one is to try to make yourself feel as good as possible. Any type of illness, even a cold or the flu, prevention works better than the treatment. It is not easy to stay healthy during the cold season, or any other time, if you are not practicing preventative measures.